Mia's commissions!

Hiya! My name is Mia, and I'm a digital artist/animator. If you've been looking to get some art from me, then you've come to the right place!


Terms Of Service

-I reserve the right to decline any commission, with or without reason given. I also reserve the right to terminate a commission (with a refund) at any time due to unpleasent behavior or an overly busy schedule (I am a full-time college student). Please allow up to 1 month for completion, unless a specific date is requested.

-Payment is done though PayPal invoices only. Once I accept your commission, I will send your account the invoice, and progress on your drawing will start once payment is made.

-I will share my progress with you through each stage (Sketch > Lineart > Shading).
If you decide the cancel the commission, I will fully refund you as long as I am still in the Sketch stage. After that point, I will only allow a 50% refund.
(If I am unable to get to your commission within a month, I will also fully refund you)

Explanation of each stage
Sketch: This is the unclean version of the final piece, but it contains all details necessary for me to start lining. Reminder that once you accept the sketch, you can no longer recieve a full refund.

Lineart: Clean lines with no color. Depending on the type of background you've asked for, you may or may not see it lined. (Simple BGs usually don't require line art)

Shading: If your commission is shaded, you may request me to do a specific style of shading. By default, my art is cel shaded with a few simple gradients, however you may ask for airbrushed/soft shading, hard shading, etc. to go for a certain look. Please check my price list for examples.

-Commissioned art is for personal use only. Extra fees apply for commercial usage. (Basically if you are using my art for monetary gain (i.e merch), I need to be given a percentage of that)

-You may repost your commissioned art as long as you properly credit me.

Humanoid, Anthro, and FeralOverly complex designs or mechs
Original CharactersHighly detailed backgrounds
Fan charactersNSFW/Fetishes
Canon charactersFULL nudity
IRL PeopleCharacters without a visual reference
Ships of any kind (As long as it's not illegal)Hate art (No matter who it's directed at)
Different artstyles*Realism
Simplified or Candy goreHeavy or highly detailed gore

*I will NOT replicate artstyles from other commission artists. If you want art in their style, please pay them instead.


Commission type:
Character References:
Details of what you want:
Paypal Email:
Any questions (optional):

*Pricing note: Simple backgrounds are always included free of charge. Additional fees apply only if a SCENE is requested.

If its label is red, this commission is currently unavailable.

Bust: $10
Halfbody: $25
Fullbody: $40
+%50 per additional character

Bust: $20
Halfbody: $35
Fullbody: $50
+%50 per additional character

No movement: $15
Bounce/Float/Blink: $20
Complex Animation: $35+
+%50 per additional character


You may contact me at any of the websites below, shoot me an email at [email protected], or message my discord account, Shake666#2786

My main portfolio sites are DeviantArt and Tumblr.